Waterfalls like no other! Štrbački buk is certainly one of the most spectacular in the region!

At the very border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, between the settlements of Doljani and Donji Štrbci, you will find one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region. The river Una passes through it, after which the national park got its name, and travels from its source in Donja Suvaja towards Jasenovac, where it flows into the Sava River! It is believed that the river got its name from the Romans, who called out to it “Una, Unica ” which would mean “one and only”!

After the Una springs at 396 meters above sea level under the slopes of the Plješevica and Stražbenica mountains, it starts its journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina where it creates indescribably unrealistic waterfalls. The highest one is, of course, Štrbački buk!



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Štrbački buk, Una, Photo: Kenmedicse, Pixabay


As high as 24.5 meters, Štrbački buk is located at 294 meters above sea level, and it consists of several waterfalls, which are very close to each other. Together with the waterfalls in Martin Brod, only 44 kilometers away from Štrbački buk, they create one of the most beautiful waterfall complexes in Europe.


What to do near Štrbački buk?


If you are a fan of hiking or mountain climbing, then you should explore the forest paths and ecosystems of the Una National Park. You can also walk down the promenade around the waterfall, which certainly has the best view for taking photos!

For those who are a little more daring, there is also boating, kayaking, or canoeing on the Una, and if you lack adrenaline, there is also rafting with adequate equipment and under the guidance of licensed skippers.

Of course, after all that excitement, you can look for refreshments in one of the restaurants located nearby. There is nothing better than enjoying homemade food.


Štrbački buk, Photo: Milan Maksovic Dreamstime


If you are looking for fun, exciting, and challenging outdoor adventure activities, then you have to visit this waterfall! The magnificent Štrbački buk offers the opportunity to experience the unique power and beauty of nature.

The entrance fee for the pedestrian path Štrbacki buk – Lohovo is 3.50 euros (7KM), for children aged 7-14 it will cost you 2.50 euros (5KM), while for those under 7 years of age, the entrance is free.




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