Švrakava waterfalls are a hit destination that you must visit if you find yourself near Banja Luka!

Banja Luka truly boasts an abundance of natural wonders thanks to the Vrbas River. From the stunning Tijesno Canyon and Krupa Waterfall to hidden gems, such as one tucked away just a thirty-minute drive from the city center.


Švrakava waterfalls, Photo: makina007 Depositphotos


The picturesque river Švrakava, a right tributary of the Vrbas with its mouth in the village of Karanovac, meanders towards the Bastasi settlement through a breathtaking canyon, forming the Švrakava Waterfalls. Though not easily accessible, the journey is well worth the effort for what awaits.


Flowing through a canyon just five hundred meters long, the Švrakava River creates captivating cascades. The largest of these cascades descends over a four-meter-high stone block, plunging into a deep limestone pool below.


Švrakava waterfalls, Photo: makina007 Depositphotos


It is a wonderful place that has recently become very famous among nature lovers, as well as those who eagerly want to take pictures in its embrace.

A road leads to the waterfall itself along the right bank of Vrbas, starting from the village of Karanovac. You will drive approximately two kilometers from the bridge in Karanovac, heading towards Kneževo where you’ll need to make a left turn towards the village of Bastasi. After climbing the pass, take the macadam road right which will lead you directly into the Švrakava valley.


Švrakava waterfalls, Photo: Deni Ninkovic, CC BY-SA 4.0


Indeed, the optimal time to experience the waterfall’s full splendor is during spring, particularly when the snow begins to melt or after periods of heavy rainfall. However, the allure of the waterfall is not confined to this season alone. Even in winter, the scene retains its captivating charm, offering visitors a different but equally enticing experience.




During the summer months, when seeking escape from the heat, this charming, picturesque turquoise pool offers a perfect spot for a refreshing swim. Be sure to include it on your itinerary if your travels bring you to Banja Luka. Additionally, consider challenging your friends to an exhilarating rafting excursion on the Švrakava River for an unforgettable adventure!


Near the waterfall, in the settlement of Ljubačevo, you can also visit the Ethno Museum Ljubačke Doline.



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