The Adriatic Sea would not be the same without it!

The Adriatic Sea, known for its beauty and rich biological diversity, is home to different species of birds that enrich the coast with their presence.

Among these birds, seagulls occupy a special place, representing an indispensable part of the marine ecosystem and a scene that leaves an indelible impression on visitors.



Seagulls on Kornati, Photo: Vencav, Depositphotos


Stretching along the coasts of Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania, the Adriatic Sea provides an ideal habitat for various species of seagulls. These elegant flyers have become a symbol of these regions, with their characteristic flight over the waves and characteristic screams that contribute to the authentic Adria sound.



Seagulls are an indispensable part of the fishing, island, sea, and coastal scenery, they are sung in many songs, and when they fly low it is said that rain is coming, so in that case they are also good forecasters.

Their presence has a significant impact on the Adriatic ecosystem. Seagulls play a key role in maintaining the balance of the fish population, feeding mainly on smaller fish species and other marine organisms.

In addition, they often clean beaches of debris, which makes them very useful for coastal conservation.


Seagull, Photo: Pixabay


However, although seagulls are an indispensable part of the Adriatic’s natural beauty, they face challenges. Tourist destinations that attract a large number of people often bring more waste, which can affect the quality of the food the seagulls hunt.

Also, some people, out of lack of information or carelessness, feed them inappropriate food, which can disrupt their natural nutrition. Don’t do it!


Seagulls flying above Hvar, Photo: DaLiu, Depositphotos


Seagulls are so strongly present in our lives, this much so that in Dalmatia, a man’s technique of conquering young women is called galebarenje ( literal translation: seagulling). No one knows exactly why it is called galebarenje, and the only somewhat logical explanation would be that Dalmatians, just like seagulls, circle the “prey” for a long time, filming it from the shore, until they finally decide on the story of the “victim”. Enjoy your life and galebarenje.


Galebarenje, Photo: Victoria, Pixabay




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