The cutest watermills in whole Adria can only be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina

At approximately 6 kilometers distance from the gorgeous city of Jajce and its famous Pliva waterfall, you can witness watermills like no other in the whole Adria region. Thanks to the Pliva River, which springs in the village of Pljeva near Šipovo, and its lush flow, Pliva lakes were created.


Pliva Lakes, consisting of three lakes, Big, Small, and Round Lake, together with mills became a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009. and since then become an even greater tourist attraction.



Pliva confluence, Jajce, Photo:


The watermills (also known as Mlinčići) can be found in between the Big Lake (Veliko Plivsko jezero) and the Small Lake (Malo Plivsko jezero),  creating a complex of 20 spread-out watermills of all sizes. Placed at the travertine partition, and connected with walk paths, the watermills from the air appear like a fairy village, although, in reality, they aren’t so small.

These wooden watermills are over 400 years old, are supported by pillars, and are fully equipped from the inside with millstones and mill wheels.



Sadly, the mills were damaged in the ’90s and reconstructed after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina finished, but due to lack of care, caused them to slowly deteriorate. In 2005. some were again brought back to function, and today, only six are known to be in function.


Pliva watermills, Pliva lake – Jajce, Photo: Merc67, Envato Elements


Although we are sure that this place is crowded with tourists from around the world and throughout the whole year, if you find yourself near Jajce, definitely make sure to visit! After all, they are just a few minutes away from the mighty waterfall and fortress.




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