The five best music festivals for young people in Albania!

Albania is making great strides with its tourist offer, and one important link in that chain are summer music festivals that attract young people.

We have researched which are the best destinations for summer enjoyment of swimming and entertainment at still normal prices. Here are the TOP 5 best Albanian music festivals!



Summer festivals, illustration, Photo: Yanlev, Depositphotos




For the fifth time, a special event will be held in Tirana on May 18 – Color Day Festival Albania 2024, or festival of colors, a day when young people play with powdered colors and have fun with selected music by DJs and special guests.

Watch out for this, the entrance to the concert is free again this year, but you still have to register for a free ticket at the VIVERE.AL. The festival is held outdoors, on Skenderbeg Square (alb. Skenderbeu), and you can buy colors on the spot. Here’s how it was last year.



South Outdoor Festival 2024

This unique festival combines sports, games, culture, tradition, food, music, entertainment and much more. With more than 40 different outdoor activities, it is intended for all age groups.

It takes place in the village of Borsh in southern Albania, from May 23 to 26, with participants from all over the country and Europe. Here you will have a great time enjoying and experiencing the uniqueness that makes the beautiful Albanian Riviera special.



Kala fest 2024

Kala is a boutique music festival held in Dhërmi, a beautiful beach location on the Albanian Riviera. The festival experience has been carefully designed to make you feel the magic of a music festival and beach vacation.

This year, the festival takes place from June 5 to 12.


Turtle fest 2024

With Drymades Beach as a picturesque backdrop, Turtle Fest is a summer festival that combines music, entertainment, and nature conservation. Also taking place in Dhermi, a colorful coastal town in Albania, it has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting events of the summer.

Located on the coast of the Ionian Sea, Drymades Beach is a paradise for sun and sea lovers. The sandy coast, crystal clear sea, and picturesque landscape make the perfect setting for the festival, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Turtle Fest is a unique event in a unique place and takes place from July 14 to 16.


Ion festival 2024

And as a cherry on top. Bringing a group of world-class DJs to the shores of the Albanian Riviera, ION combines a music festival with a beach holiday to offer music lovers an unforgettable week full of fun and relaxation.

Different musical genres and unique performances by singers are what you need to conclude the summer season. It is also held in Dhermi from September 4 to 11.




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