Discover the legend of the Bled bell

Everywhere you turn in Bled, you will see some kind of attraction that you will want to visit, but if you stop for a moment and strain your ears, you might hear the ringing of the church bell coming from the depths of Lake Bled.

The ancient church of the Assumption of Mary is located on an islet in the middle of Lake Bled. The view of the church and the islet, to put it mildly, takes one’s breath away because it truly captivates with its beauty, but what is less known is that it also hides an interesting legend…



Island on Lake Bled, Photo: Franci Ferjan,


The legend tells of a young widow named Poliksena, who faced with the grief of losing her husband, decided to devote her wealth to making bells in memory of her beloved husband.


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During the transfer of the bell to the island, a storm hit the ship, causing the bell to sink into the depths of the lake. After Poliksena’s death, the pope sent a new bell to the island, which still rings today, making it part of the legendary story.


Belfry on Lake Bled, Photo: Frank Fujimoto, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED


According to legend, those who visit the church have the opportunity to ring the bell and thus, according to ancient belief, fulfill their wishes. Even an old bell lost in a storm, legend has it, can still be heard from the depths of the lake on calm and quiet nights.


The most common way to get to the island is traveling by traditional Pletna boat. These boats leave regularly from several places on the lake shore for a trip that takes about 20 minutes.


Pletna Bled, Photo: Mediaspeed, Vid Rotar,


If by any chance you decide to get married on the island, take care of the custom, which is not for everyone. Namely, there are as many as 99 steps leading to the church of the Assumption of Mary.


It is customary for the groom to carry the bride to the very entrance of the church, and legend says that the marriage will be successful considering the number of steps the groom managed to pass while carrying the bride. Ha, ha, let’s see whos that courageous… 🙂


Stairs on the island, Photo: Amanda Slater, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED


Keep in mind that there are no restaurants on the island, so it is advisable to bring food and drinks with you if you plan to spend more time there.

Visiting the island has no time limits, and since the island is quite small, I suggest you come early in the morning when there are not too many tourists.


Island on Lake Bled, Photo: Nikola Jurišič,




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