The longest wine cellar in the wine-producing Slovenia

In the tunnels under the old Kranj, a unique Vinska pot (Wine road) event takes place every year, where winemakers from all Slovenian wine-growing regions await you!

The wine road in the tunnels under the old Kranj is visited by more than 5,000 wine lovers every year.




The main theme of the event is to teach visitors about wine and drinking culture and to present various wine varieties, suppliers, their work, and products.

In addition to wine, cheese, bread, and meat products, the offer also includes olive oil and various sweet and savory products. The wine road is 1,300 meters long, with an entrance at Jelenov klanec and an exit at Pungert.




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The Vinska pot event this fall will be held on November 17 and 18 and 24 and 25. When buying a ticket, visitors receive a glass, a bag for the glass, and a bag in which visitors can put the purchased products.

The ticket price is from 20 to 28 euros, depending on the time slot you pick, and in order not to create a big crowd, 100 visitors enter every half hour and stay in the tunnels for three hours.





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