A destination you must visit! National Park Butrint is nature’s masterpiece

If you ever decide to visit southern Albania then you must-see the National Park Butrint, which is situated near the city of Saranda, less than 10 kilometers from the island of Corfu, and connected to the Mediterranean Sea by the Vivari Canal, which passes from Lake Butrint to the Ionian Sea.

Butrint is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country.



Butrint, Photo: Abenteuer Albanien, Unsplash


Butrint has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was also a Greek colony, a Roman city, and the seat of a diocese. It peaked in the 4th century BC when it had about 10,000 inhabitants. Cyclopean walls (6 m), the Acropolis, Asklepi’s theater and temple, and about a hundred inscriptions in ancient Greece have been preserved from that time.

Recognized by UNESCO in 1992, the Butrint archaeological site was listed on the list of World Heritage sites and protected as a crucial cultural asset. In addition to its archaeological importance, this national park also is an important bird and plant area.


Lake Butrint, Photo: Simon – Pixabay


National Park Butrint covers almost 100 square kilometers of lakes, rivers, marshes, meadows, and islands.  The largest lake, Lake Butrint is 7 kilometers long and 3.3 kilometers wide. However, what makes this national park special is the 1,200 plant and animal species, some of which live exclusively in this national park.

If you find yourself in the park, you will most likely be able to see around 40 species of mammals, of which the most present are jackals, foxes, and everyone’s favorite dolphins.



Besides visiting Asklepi’s theater and enjoying the blessings of Lake Butrinit, you also must visit the Triconch Palace, Lion Gate, and most importantly, the Museum of the Ancient City




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