The mysterious world of Biserujka cave hides an interesting legend

On the northeastern coast of the island of Krk, near the town of Rudine, tucked between dense vegetation and the crystal clear sea, one of the natural gems of Croatia is hidden – the Biserujka cave.

This hidden beauty, often overlooked in the shadow of more famous summer destinations, hides a magical world worth exploring.



Biserujka Cave, Island of Krk, Photo: Wolfgang Glock, CC BY 3.0


Although it was undoubtedly known to residents since ancient times, the first record of its existence dates back to 1834 when a smuggler from Senj was arrested.

Biserujka was more seriously arranged for visits in 1997, when paths, fences, and lighting were arranged, without which it would be impossible to see all its beauty.


According to legend, the cave got its name from the treasure found in it, which belonged to local pirates. But the treasure was later moved, and no one knows the exact location...


Biserujka Cave, Island of Krk, Photo: Steffen 962, public domain


Entering the Biserujka cave represents an exciting journey into the underground world of the island of Krk. You will be amazed by the impressive stalactites and stalagmites that stretch along the corridor, creating spectacular formations that are the result of millennia of erosion and deposition processes.



The Biserujka cave is not long, only about 110 meters, but that’s why it is home to the endemic crayfish and some other species that you should visit.




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