The Ostrožac castle: The historical treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The old town of Ostrožac, located on a hill above the beauty of the Krajina–Una near Cazin, is one of the largest and best-fortified old towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This historic gem is reminiscent of fairytale castles from the past.


Ostrozac castle, Photo: Dino Aganović, Unsplash



Ostrozac was a fort from the early Iron Age, a medieval fortress, and an Ottoman city. The first mention of the fortress dates back to 1286, as the property of the princes of Blagajski Babonić, a Croatian noble family that ruled this place in that period.


The castle dates back to the 16th century when the Ottomans founded the Ottoman province of Bosnia. The addition to the castle was built between 1900 and 1906 for members of the Habsburg family.



The place itself is specific, the very appearance of the towers, that is, the entire castle, reminds me of a fairytale castle. The fortress consists of a medieval fortress, a fortress from the Ottoman period, the castle of Lothar von Berks, and a collection of sculptures located in the natural surroundings of the Old Town.


The old town of Ostrozac, Photo: Amrobih, Dreamstime


In the very courtyard of the fortress there is a collection of stone sculptures. There is a path around the castle where you can walk and make a complete circle around the fortress itself. You can climb each of the towers and thus enjoy different sides of the fort.


The castle is located right next to the main road that connects the towns of Bihać and Cazin. It is located only 9 kilometers from Cazin and 17 km from Bihać. There are signs on the road so you won’t get lost.





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