The second Bribirski prisnac Festival will be held again on Easter Monday, April 1st, and it’s not an April fool’s joke!

We invite you to join us in Bribir at the Bribirski prisnac Festival, which was held for the first time last year, and this year brings an even richer program.


Bribirski prisnac, Photo: archive of the Tourist Board of the Vinodol municipality


The program will start at 11 a.m. in front of the Turan Tower in Bribir with the cultural and artistic program of KUD Bribir followed by the performance of sopila and small folklore. 


Around the Turan tower, in front of and next to the municipal building, there will be exhibitors’ tables where you can taste Bribirski prisnac.


The festival of Bribirski prisnac is a spring event held in honor of this delicious gastronomic specialty, the smell, and taste of which hardly anyone can resist. It is a combination of eggs, fresh cheese, bacon, spring onions, flour, and fat and is a traditional Easter dish.


Also, this year, Pavlomir Wine House and Selce Eco Village will present their wines, which you will have the opportunity to taste.

Women from Bribir will demonstrate the making of Bribirski prisnac, and they will be joined by DAMIR TOMLJANOVIĆ, who will create some new dishes from the original ingredients of Bribirski prisnac.

Throughout the day, the Interpretation Center of the Cultural and Touristic Route of the Frankopan Routes in the Turan Tower will be open for visitors.



At the entrance, by paying the €10 registration fee, each visitor will receive a plate for tasting Bribirski prisnac from local exhibitors, a voucher for a wine glass at Pavlomir Wine House and/or the Selce Eco Village, and his number from the plate will participate in the draw for the “luckiest plate” of the festival who wins a 7-day Adriatic cruise provided by Katarina Line for this festival.



In addition, numerous other exhibitors of different products are coming to the festival, so if you are interested in offering your products, feel free to contact the organizer TB Vinodol.

Individuals and legal entities can apply as local exhibitors of the Bribirski prisnac, and the Tourist Board will help each registered exhibitor with the purchase of food necessary to make a total of three prisnac, registration is possible via e-mail or by phone 091 /248 7302 or 091/248 7301.


Bribirski prisnac, Photo: archive of the Tourist Board of the Vinodol municipality


Come to Bribir on April 1st and enjoy the tastes and smells of Bribir’s local food!








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