The smallest pearl in the Tivat Bay! The island of Our Lady of Mercy is only 160 meters long

Montenegro, a jewel on the Adriatic coast, may not be able to boast of numerous islands, but it can boast of those that bear the name of Our Lady. On one occasion, we already wrote about Our Lady of the Rocks, and now it is the turn of the unique islet located in Tivat Bay – the island of Our Lady of Mercy.

Located in the embrace of the Krtol archipelago together with the Island of Flowers and the Island of Sveti Marko (Stradioti), the island of Our Lady of Mercy is a testimony to the rich tapestry of Montenegrin maritime history and religious heritage.



Island of Our Lady of Mercy: Photo: Bigguns, Depositphotos


On this picturesque islet of natural origin, situated approximately 800 meters from the coast and measuring a mere 160 meters in length and 60 meters in width, stands a Franciscan monastery and a church devoted to Our Lady of Mercy.

Founded in the latter half of the 15th century, the church and monastery were established by priests seeking solitude. However, over time, the church authorities united them with the congregation of Celestines.

In a subsequent development, members of the Franciscan order arrived on the island, engaging in a dispute with the Celestinians over the sanctuary until the year 1524, when they finally overtook it.


Island of Our Lady of Mercy, Photo: Olga355, Depositphotos


Tragically, the monastery and the church fell victim to Turkish ravages in 1620. Despite this setback, the resilient Franciscans undertook the arduous task of rebuilding the structures, relying on voluntary contributions to restore the sanctity and splendor of the site. They stayed on the island until the 18th century when the monastery was given to parish priests of Krtol and Krašić.

Throughout the years, the church and the monastery went through several bad storms, robberies, an earthquake, and several different hands of leadership.


Otok Gospa od Milosti, Photo: Olga355, Depositphotos


On the island, in addition to the church and monastery, the priests built a summer house for the students of the episcopal seminary and a beautiful garden with a well.

Inside the church, visitors have the opportunity to admire the wooden statue of Our Lady that was created in 1462, as well as to explore one of the most luxurious libraries in Boka Kotor. This library is home to rare works that include theological and scientific literature, offering a unique insight into the intellectual and cultural wealth of the place.





Even after more than 500 years, devout believers continue to pilgrimage to the island every year on August 15, commemorating the Assumption of Mary. If you happen to be in Tivat, be sure to include a visit to this sacred site in your itinerary.

Additionally, nearby, you can explore the Tivat Saltern, adding another layer to your cultural and natural exploration of the area.




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