There are few places where you will experience such comfort and relaxation as in Hotel Thermana Park Laško

I’m burning with the desire to tell you how I spent my weekend, in which I had a great rest and experienced so many beautiful things that much that I’ve been “struggling” for hours about which pictures to choose to vividly convey my experience to you.


Hotel Thermana, view from the room – river Savinja, Photo: Adria fun


For a long time, I had planned to spend a weekend in Slovenia, in Styria, which I had not thoroughly explored, so I chose Laško, a small town on the way from Zagreb to Celje.


At first, I was attracted by the modern hotel complex built in 2012 along the Savinja River. It is a four-star hotel Thermana Park Laško, in which there is a thermal center under a unique glass dome with a wide range of water pleasures. 🙂


Hotel Thermana Laško from the air, Photo: Adria fun


The pleasant journey through the idyllic landscape of Slovenian towns passed quickly, so when I arrived at the hotel, I “slipped” into the spacious underground garage, where I noticed that I was not the only one who had found this pearl of relaxation and hedonism. I’ve seen plates on vehicles from all over Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary...

After a quick and hospitable check-in at the reception, we went to the room, which at first delighted me with its size, king-size bed, and details such as a ready-made bag with towels for going to the SPA area and a nice personalized welcome card. You can see that everything is taken care of.


Hotel Thermana Laško – room, Photo: Adria fun


I didn’t tell my wife that I had a surprise for her in the form of a relaxing massage for two in the luxurious Wellness Spa Center, which normally offers a wide range of massages, baths, and other high-quality treatments for relaxation and care, so we first went around the hotel a bit, went down to the charming cafe bar and tasted desserts with coffee. I recommend Laško Mendenka


Then we returned to the room, looking at the beautiful architectural solutions of the hotel complex and the spacious corridors from which there is a view of the surrounding hills, especially the Hum hill, which is also called the “Laška Triglav”, and from which you can see the city of Laško as if in the palm of your hand.


Hotel Thermana Laško, Photo: Adria fun


We changed into robes, picked up a cute bag with towels, and then went down to the SPA center where we were ordered for a relaxing full-body massage.

Hotel Thermana Park Laško also offers special honey and beer baths, saunas, and massages, which are truly an exciting and indigenous experience. They even have an Ayurvedic center that comes from Kerala, India, but I didn’t test it out this time. I have to leave something for my next visit! 🙂 


Hotel Thermana, Spa centar, Photo: Adria fun


After a relaxing 60-minute full body massage, drinking hot tea, and a short rest, we headed to an impressive heated water complex with several pools of different sizes and on several levels.

Under the exceptional glass dome, there are many intimate parts where you can enjoy hydro massages, and children will enjoy going down the slide. I admit, we also went down a few times, ha, ha… A child in me suddenly awakened…

Since there are also outdoor pools next to the glass dome, I couldn’t resist, so I enjoyed the warm water under a clear sky for a while, while the outside temperature was only a few degrees above zero.


There was no end to the excitement because another surprise was waiting for us, a honey dinner in the pleasant ambience of an a la carte restaurant. Of course, the hotel also has a boarding restaurant for guests who want boarding food, and we had breakfast there. The offer and food were exceptional.

Hotel Thermana Park Laško has an excellent range of food and specialties based on ingredients from local producers, which I certainly commend. On the menu, you can also find out from which manufacturers the ingredients are purchased.

Our dinner consisted of four courses, first followed by a cold starter of beef tenderloin with baked cheese, pears in honey, and fermented red onions.


Hotel Thermana Laško, Honey dinner, Photo: Adria fun


The nice waiter very quickly then brought us honey sour vegetable soup, baked in the oven with some kind of puff pastry on top, which I tasted for the first time in my life and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the unusual flavors it gave me.


Hotel Thermana Laško, Honey dinner, Photo: Adria fun


The main course of the honey dinner consisted of pork belly with a crispy honey crust, mashed carrots, potatoes with different herbs, and glazed beets, which we poured with semi-sweet muscat. yum…


Hotel Thermana Laško, Honey dinner, Photo: Adria fun


And something sweet for an end… ha, ha… everything was abundant and very tasty anyway, but who could resist a honey cake with walnuts?


Hotel Thermana Laško, Honey dinner, Photo: Adria fun


The center of Laško is only a 15-minute pleasant walk from the hotel along well-maintained footpaths, which stretch on both sides of Savinja, so I recommend that you take a walk. Especially after such a hearty meal. 🙂

Laško offers a lot of other interesting things, but about that some other time.


Laško, Photo: Adria fun


Hotel Thermana Park Laško still has a lot of facilities to try, but my weekend was almost over, so I’ll make sure to come once again. I recommend that you surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, maybe for Women’s Day or May 1st, and witness my experience for yourself, which you can share with us in the comments. You will not regret it!






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