This is, without a doubt, the oldest olive tree in Montenegro

The Mediterranean is one of the richest regions in the world when it comes to olive and olive oil production. On the list with Spain, Greece, and Italy, an equal place for its quality also found Croatia and Montenegro. Because of the soil quality and great weather conditions, many of those olive trees live and bear fruit for centuries. One such lives in Bar municipality.


The oldest known olive tree in Montenegro can be found about 8 minutes drive from the city center of Bar, within the Mitrovica settlement. This olive tree, as local calls it “Old olive tree” ( mng. Stara maslina), is said to be over 2000 years old and one of the oldest olive trees in Europe.



Old Olive Tree, Photo: Кокан, CC0


Since 1957, the Old olive tree has been protected as the natural monument of Montenegro, and together with around 50 other olive trees that were found in the vicinity of the Bar municipality, it underwent an analysis by the University of Istanbul where it was indeed established to be over 2240 years old.


Throughout the years, the Old Olive tree was damaged by fire twice and it recovered without a doubt each time bearing even higher quality olives, which are today used in the production of olive oil and are sold in the gift shop right next to this glorifying tree.



The Old Olive tree has become a real tourist attraction in recent years, so make sure to check it out as well if you find yourself near Bar. The ticket price to view the Old Olive Tree is 1 euro for adults and 0.50 cents for children.



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