Three natural phenomena that will make you want to go to this magical island in Zadar County

A friend asked me the other day if I could recommend an interesting destination at the seaside, where he could go with his friends for an extended weekend and be blown away by that destination!

– Like out of a cannon, I fired YES I CAN, but you have to be ready to go for a trip to a great island in Zadar County.


– Okay… he said a bit suspiciously… before you tell me which place it is, give me a few reasons why that particular destination, without telling me which island and place it is.

– Of course, I say… I will list three natural phenomena that will make you want to visit this island next month…

– Hehe… he laughed and continued… let’s see..

– And I started with the enumeration…

The first phenomenon is that it is the largest and safest natural harbor on the Adriatic, which stretches for as much as 10 kilometers in length and from 200 to 1800 meters in width. The bay is surrounded by 25 small beaches, it has six small islands and countless perfect places for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. The bay is also rich in fish life, so it is ideal for you as a diving and fishing enthusiast.


Telašćica Nature Park, Photo: Archive of PP Telašćica


Another phenomenon is its steeps or rocks, high cliffs that rise to 160 meters above the sea and descend up to 90 meters in depth. These impressive rocks (cliffs) will give you an incredible view of the open sea and islets that adorn nature. You can get to the steeps on foot or by bike, and on the way, you will meet various types of plants and the occasional animal… don’t worry… they are harmless… 🙂


Telašćica Nature Park, Strmci, Photo: Archive of PP Telašćica


The third phenomenon is the salt lake Mir, which has healing properties and special microflora and fauna. This lake is a shallow bay connected to the sea by a narrow channel.

The lake is warmer and saltier than the sea, so it is suitable for the treatment of various skin and rheumatic diseases. As it was made just for you. You can swim in the lake but also observe various types of fish, crabs, shells, and other organisms that live there.


Telašćica Nature Park, Mir Salt Lake, Photo: Archive PP Telašćica


If all this is not enough for you, you can visit numerous other archaeological sites as well as dry stone walls and wells that served for the defense and supply of the population, or enjoy the view from the viewpoint Grpašćak at 160 meters above sea level. This is a former military fort of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, built in 1911, and it served as a signal station and military observation post…


Nature Park Telašćica, Viewpoint Grpaščak, Photo: Archive PP Telašćica


Enough, enough… a friend tells me… well that’s great… I like it… and…. where is it?

Dugi otok, Telašćica Nature Park… I answered him… This is the place where the sea, stone, and greenery meet, creating an unforgettable experience and magic! A real stress-free zone…







I do miracles right away, but the impossible still takes me a little time!

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