Three or four Musketeers of Ksamil!? These are the islands that everyone wants to swim to!

It is well known that Albania has no islands to throw around, but that’s why there are certainly ones that everyone wants to get to. Some have been hidden from the public for years, some are connected by bridges, some have caves, and some are a natural border with Greece. Each one is special in its own way, but these three or maybe four musketeers, depending from which perspective you look at, certainly attract the most attention due to their proximity to one of the most popular beaches in Ksamil.


Located right next to the beautiful coast in the southern part of Albania, the islets of Tetranis (Alb. Ishujt e Tetranisit), better known by their administrative name as the islets of Ksamil, attract the attention of tourists from whichever side of the village you look at.




These three islets, or rather four, although they took their current form in the Jurassic period by separating from the mainland, still cause a debate about their official number. Although there are four of them visually, many claim that the so-called “Ksamil Twins” are well enough connected to each other and that they do not deserve separate recognition for that reason.

These very twins are globally known for their connection, vividly showing the process of their separation that took millions of years.


Twins of Ksamil, Photo: bennymarty, Depositphotos


Either way, these beautiful islets together represent some of the most unspoiled beauty in all of Albania. No one lives on them, there are no bars or restaurants, only lush green vegetation, and wild beaches that were created exactly as nature wanted them to be. Those pristine beaches definitely make it even more special, so everyone who steps into Ksamil wants to see them up close.

Although there have been attempts to open bars on these beautiful unspoiled islands, all plans have been shelved to protect them. They received the status of special nature reserves and belong to the Butrint National Park.


Ksamil Islands, Photo: Vangel Dimo, Pexels


All four islands have a total area of 8.9 hectares, do not have individual names, and the fact that they are only 60 to 500 meters from the coast and 250 meters from each other makes them very accessible for swimmers.

The two most distant islands, i.e. the Ksamil twins, are connected to each other by a narrow strip of sand that forms a kind of beach, which in the summer months, is crowded with people and pedal boats that come to the island. They are 150 to 200 meters long and about 75 meters wide.

The northeastern island is the largest. It is about 280 meters long and about 160 meters wide. The southeastern island is the smallest and is about 100 meters long and only 65 meters wide.


Ksamil Islands, Photo: B Unsplash


All four islands are surrounded with a spectrum of hues, from turquoise to dark blue, creating an enchanting scene that is highly recommended to anyone who happens to be nearby. Try not to leave behind anything but footprints, but also to take nothing with you but memories and sand in your bathing suits.





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