TOP 5 from the Adria region: valleys that everyone admires

While thinking about the topics covered in our TOP 5 series, we realized that we have yet to explore the beautiful valleys hidden near the rivers and between the mountains. Prompted by this realization, we embarked on the task of discovering these hidden treasures.

However, the process was far from easy given the abundance of options available. After searching various online platforms, we have selected valleys that have received various praises from travelers.


You’ve probably heard of some of them, and if you think you know an even better one, let us know in the comments!



Logar Valley

📸 soklicmici





📸 w.i.t.h.d.a.n.i.e.l




Konavle Valley

📸 schprem




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📸  josipmarkusic



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rajska Dolina

📸 biegnepo220



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📸 superlamija





Grebaje Valley

📸 nataliapaiovic




📸 wander_montenegro





 Valbona Valley

📸 nini_explore




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📸 udhetim_me_jogen




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Impressive, aren’t they?

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