Tovar – noble tug of Dalmatia: From a working animal to a tourist symbol

Dalmatian donkey is one of the oldest and most important tug animals in the history of this region. Although its population has been significantly reduced due to “tractorization” and the changing occupation of the population, the Tovar (the name for a donkey in Dalmatia) still lives on, now as an important symbol and part of the cultural heritage of Dalmatia.


Dalmatian donkey, Island of Veli Budikovac, Photo: Falco Ermert, CC BY 2.0 DEED


In Tribunj, a picturesque small town on the Dalmatian coast, a monument to a donkey was erected, testifying to its past importance. Tovar in Tribunj symbolizes his role as a reliable and indispensable helper for generations of Dalmatian residents. There, as well as on the island of Murter, the famous donkey race is held.




In picturesque Primošten, there is also a monument to the donkey, although here, it is only a secondary character within the larger monument dedicated to the Primošten heavyweights. At the monument, a donkey carries a woman while the man walks behind them. This image clearly shows how important Tovar was in the daily life of people in this area.


Dalmatian donkey, Island of Hvar, Photo: Kzoop, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Despite losing its role as the main hauling tool, the donkey still plays a significant role in local culture. In some parts of Dalmatia, the Tovar is used in tourist shows and events, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the traditional way of life.

These encounters with the loads often attract curious tourists who are interested in preserving the cultural heritage, but also in indispensable photography.





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