Ankaran is a peninsula with beautiful beaches and historical monuments!

The Ankaran peninsula with the town of Ankaran and the Debeli rtič landscape park is one of the most important tourist centers on the Slovenian coast. It is the right choice for everyone who likes to discover green corners of untouched nature and enjoy the view of the sea and various beaches.


Ankaran, Debeli rtič, Photo: Mediaspeed, Marko Arandjelović,


In the south, it is surrounded by the sea, while in the north, it borders Italy and the municipality of Koper. This wide-open window to the Mediterranean has been enchanting visitors for centuries with its exceptional location and view, natural coves vineyards, and olive groves.


The influence of the microclimate with its beneficial effects on health has contributed to the development of spa tourism, and the greenery that descends to the sea brings peace and authenticity.


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Ankaran peninsula, Photo: Jaka Ivančič,


The Ankaran Peninsula is especially popular among nature lovers and conservationists. In addition to the incredible views, they are especially attracted by the exceptional biotic diversity on land and in the sea. An important cultural landmark of Ankaran is the Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas from the 11th century. It functioned as a monastery until 1641, and today it houses a four-star hotel.


 Ankaran, Monastery of St. Nikole, Photo: Mediaspeed, Marko Arandjelović,


Due to the mild Mediterranean climate and extremely mild winters, the destination is attractive to walkers, cyclists, and spa tourists all year round.

In summer, the decorated beaches of Valdoltra, Študent, Debeli rtič, and Sveti Jerneja Bay invite you to swim in the clear sea and events such as concerts for different tastes or culinary events where local producers offer their delicacies, enrich the offer. 


Ankaran,Valdorta, Photo: Mediaspeed, Marko Arandjelović,


The Ankaran peninsula impresses with its view, and the Debeli rtič landscape park is a real pasture for photographic lenses, so I suggest you create unforgettable memories here at sunset. We believe it will impress you!





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