Trip idea! Around Istria via boat and a Dolphin safari

As far as we know, only two species of dolphins live in the Adriatic Sea – one known as the bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus (Montagu, 1821), and the other as the common dolphin, Delphinus delphis (Linnaeus, 1758).

In addition to these two inhabitants, various types of porpoises and whales from the Mediterranean can sometimes stray into the Adriatic. And so this weekend Mirka (my mother) and I wandered onto the boat Matek that took us to the dolphins.



Photo: Joe Boyne / Pexels


In Novigrad, there are daily boat trips such as fish picnic, and wedding or party boats, which depart from Umag, Novigrad, Rovinj, Poreč, Pula, Vrsar, or any destination of your choice.

On board, you can enjoy grilled fish, wine, and an unforgettable atmosphere with a pleasant crew. On the way back, there is usually a panoramic drive along the Lim Channel, famous for the cultivation of mussels and fish.

The boat Matek is a traditionally built boat, fully equipped for one-day trips, with 124 seats on two floors, a terrace, a kitchen, a bar, and protection from the sun.


Our ride started from the port in Novigrad. I was looking forward to sailing because it is something particularly relaxing for me, and the company of my Mirka always promises. I mean, who wouldn’t drink a glass of wine, look at the sea, listen to interesting music, and enjoy the dolphins circling and jumping around the ship itself?

The price of the excursion for this season is 30 euros, which includes the ride and one free drink per person (water, juice, or wine – you don’t have to guess twice what was my choice). The boat sails every day, the ride takes about two and a half hours, and on the way back, you must stop at the Pervino winery.


Hello to other boats, Photo: Jelena Mirić,


This is a good suggestion if you decide to spend a free afternoon in the company of friends, family, or partners, and it could be equally cool to sail alone – because you never know what luck awaits you. Jokes aside, the only negative thing about the trip was that we were in a group of about a hundred Germans, so the guide spoke in German the whole time. I struggled to catch the words from the guide’s story. Who knows, maybe we were on the wrong boat, but certainly on the right trip at the right time.

It is definitely recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and most of all to bring enough liquid, because the option of buying on board is pretty expensive.


Sunset, Photo: Jelena Mirić,


Dolphins, like us humans, are mammals. They have warm blood, breathe air, and give birth to live young. They belong to species of whales (Cetacea) and live in all seas and oceans, including the Adriatic. You could say that I have a lot of similarities with dolphins: I could live and travel everywhere, sail and live on/in the sea, I often have a pink belly from jumping headlong into the sea (because I mostly fail), I eat fish, and most importantly I also like communicating with others.


The only thing is that I didn’t get to ask them if they, like me, love yellow Muscat. 🙂




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