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The documentary series Planine (eng. Mountains) is a new entertaining and educational travelogue where we climb the Croatian mountains and get to know the people and places.

It is also a series about a spiritual journey, discovering oneself and the essence of life. Because up there, far from civilization, at the heights, we get to know the importance of life – ourselves as a small part of the vast world. We feel fleeting, and everything that troubles us seems more minor and unimportant.



Planine series Photo: HRT


In each of the six episodes of the series, we follow a different presenter – a mountaineer host, who reveals to us why he/she loves mountains and what walking on the peaks has brought him/her. He/she meets people in whom the mountain left an indelible mark and changed them forever. The series was recorded on Velebit, Risnjak, Dinara, Mosor, Učka, and the peaks of Cres and Lošinj.


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Učka, Vojak, Photo: Ivo Biočina, Croatian Tourist Board


In the first episode, Doris Pinčić Guberović, television presenter and actress, traverses the Premužić trail, the most famous 57-kilometer Velebit path, in three days. She is accompanied by journalist Mirjam Jukić and retired soldier Vera Ivezić, both suffering from multiple sclerosis.

On their way, they talk about life, joys, and illnesses, and meet various mountaineers. “Walking uphill is like life, you go up, and sometimes it’s hard and you want to give up, but when you get to the top, you realize that this is exactly what life is all about. The less signals, the less things, the more nature, the more heart and returning to oneself”.


Planine series, TV presenter Doris Pinčić Guberović, Photo: HRT


The new documentary series Planine will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 4, on the First Program of Croatian Radio Television (HRT-HTV1) at 8:40 p.m., and will also be available to watch online on the OTT platform HRTi.



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