Unreal! Is this a British garden or a fort? It is located in Slavonski Brod!

Take a good look at the cover photo of this article and tell me that this captivating landscape in Slavonski Brod doesn’t seem like those lavish British gardens surrounding picturesque historic buildings and houses that captivate everyone with their detailed layers and shapes!

Although, when viewed from above, it’s easy to confuse this ground plan as one of the popular British gardens, Brod Fortress with its hornwork plan had a completely different purpose.


Just two centuries ago, it was built to defend the city.


Brod Fortress, Slavonski Brod, Photo: Boris15, Dreamstime


The Brod Fortress, erected in the 18th century alongside the forts in Osijek and Stara Gradiška, played a crucial role when Slavonski Brod served as a pivotal strategic center to safeguard against the Ottoman Empire. Designed by Prince Eugene of Savoy, it stands as the largest complex in Croatia and ranks among the largest in Europe.

At its peak, the fortress had the capacity to accommodate up to 5000 soldiers, boasting an impressive arsenal of 150 cannons and ample storage for extended supplies. In addition to the fort, three barracks and the chapel of St. Anne were also constructed.


Chapel of St. Anne, Slavonski Brod, Photo: Bojan Haron Markicevic, Croatian Tourist Board


The Brod Fortress was divided into four sections. The southern segment, once the Commanders’ building, is now home to The School of Music Slavonski Brod. The Officers’ Pavilion, transformed into the City Government Headquarters, and the fortress Chaplain office, now serving as a cafe bar, constitute the other sections.

Internally, the fortress comprises four defensive bastions, while the central part features a two-story building housing the Ružić Gallery and a chapel. Within this area, you’ll also discover the Museum of Tambourine and Casemate. The outer perimeter of the fortress included an additional layer of defense in the form of ravelins.


Brod fortress, Slavonski Brod, Photo: Bojan Haron Markicevic, Croatian Tourist Board


Beyond its historical significance, this remarkable fortress now stands as a cultural hub, serving as a poignant reminder of the responsibilities once shouldered by Slavonski Brod. If you happen to be in the vicinity of the city, be sure to pay it a visit. I’m confident it will captivate you as well.



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