Unwind in style with Budimberg holiday homes – sauna, jacuzzi, and more!

One thing that surely matters in life and during vacation is having a place for perfect relaxation. One such place is located in Ludbreg, a city situated northeast of Zagreb and Varaždin and close to the border with Hungary, which, in addition to the current offer, has many daring plans for expansion in the future!


Expectations were high for the Adria Fun team after a 12.6-kilometer-long walk across the hills of Vinogradi Ludbreški. The rest was required for us to continue our journey the very next morning. And indeed, we made sure to test everything that the Budimberg estate has to offer.



In total, exactly four beautiful houses can be found spreading across 4 ha with two private pools and saunas. No matter how small or big your family or friend group is, the Budimberg estate has a solution for every single one. Offering houses for 4-9 people or two separate apartments for up to two people or couples.


Budimberg Estate, Photo: Adria.fun


In order to tell you more about our stay and experience, we will primarily focus on House Samanta, however, we made sure to find out some details about the rest of them as well. So, let’s begin.


House Samanta

From the very moment of our arrival at the Budimberg estate, we were excited to enter the house, leave our things, refresh a little, and jump into the jacuzzi that was already warmed up at the perfect temperature and bumbling just for us. Mr. Miroslav Vrabec, the owner of this beautiful property, welcomed us into our stay and told us all about its amenities and plans for the future.


House Samanta, Budimberg Estate, Photo: Adria.fun


The house is separated into two parts, where the ground floor is your private spa, and the upper one is a beautiful living space where a touch of modern and rustic design go hand in hand.  On the first floor, you will find two double bedrooms, a separate toilet and shower, a living room, and a sweet kitchen.  Perfect for 4 to 6 people who would like to enjoy the more fancier environment.


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House Samanta, Budimberg Estate, Photo: Adria.fun



The house is spacious, with large windows from every corner which brings light to this place throughout the whole day. It is equipped with modern equipment for everyday use, WiFi, and an IPTV subscription which allows you to watch any TV station from around the world, and a huge variety of foreign and local movies and TV shows. Of course, we had to test it out ourselves, so our first-morning coffee and breakfast were perfectly incorporated with a great movie, light rain, and a joyful view.



On the ground floor, in your private spa center, you will find an additional separate and much larger shower and a toilet where you can refresh yourself before using a jacuzzi and sauna. In addition to relaxation tools, there are also four lounge chairs and a tea/coffee set-up.

And you guessed it, we used it all with pleasure.



Sounds like a dream come true, am I right? If you wish to book the House Samanta at the Budimberg Estate make sure to visit its Booking page or website. Available slots fill out pretty quickly and New Year’s plans should be made on time!


House Petra

Right by the woods, at the Budimberg Estate, you will find House Petra, which with its capacity can welcome nine people in total. With its four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two kitchens, it is a perfect choice for those who have a bigger family or friend group. Pets are also very welcome!

You can check how it looks from the inside on their website here.


House Petra, Budimberg Estate, Photo: Adria.fun


House Budimberg

The biggest of all the houses, with its outside pool and private sauna, House Budimberg has a total of ten rooms available and can fit eighteen people. This is a great choice for those who like to plan large friends or family gatherings. In addition to the pool and sauna, the house has a garden and available space for a BBQ. Of course, pets are also welcome.

You can book House Budimberg here.



House Budimberg, Budimberg Estate, Photo: Adria.fun


Apartments Ana

If you are looking for something smaller, for up to two people, then Apartments Ana would be a good choice. It is a great option for a couple or group of friends who would like to keep their privacy.

The house is separated into two apartments, with a private pool, and has its own BBQ area. And on top of all, it has the best view of the city of Ludbreg.

To check out it looks from the inside and booking make sure to check out here.


Apartments Ana, Budimberg Estate, Photo: Adria.fun


All in all our experience was great and welcoming and we are sure yours will be as well. We can’t wait to hear about all the additional updates to this estate, that a visionary such as Mr. Vrabec, has!

If you wish to know more about its offer, make sure to visit their website or social media, and in the comments below let us know about your experience!



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