Veo waterfalls are one of many wonders in Hungary

Hungary has many natural wonders and it is extremely rich in water and springs, especially healing and thermal ones.

The jewel of the Szalajka Valley, the Fátyol (Veil) waterfalls, must not be left out of the list of the most beautiful natural wonders in this country.



Fatyol waterfall, Fátyol vízesés, Photo: woyzzeck, Depositphotos


The karst water, which descends 18 steps along a length of 17 meters, created exceptional limestone cascades, so the Veil waterfall, after all, like the entire Szalajka valley, is a favorite tourist destination.

The Veil waterfall is located in the area of ​​Szilvásvárad and the Bükk National Park and is probably one of the most famous Hungarian waterfalls.

Legend has it that the name of this waterfall comes from the way it looks, like a bride’s veil, as it descends 18 different levels of terraces.



The Fátyol Falls are worth visiting in early spring, after the snow melts, because the flow of water largely depends on the amount of precipitation, and in summer or a period without rain, it can even dry up for a while.


Fatyol Waterfall, Fátyol vízesés, Photo: Schaffhauser Balázs, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0






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