Stolac old town is a real combination of the past and a wonderful panorama

In the valley of the river Bregava not far from Mostar, in the very heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, surrounded by rich history and tradition,  you will come across the town of Stolac. On the hill above this small but interesting town stands the Vidoški fortress proudly, a symbol of the historical and cultural importance of this region.


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Vidoški fortress – Stolac old town, Photo:


The Stolac old town, also known as the Alhambra of Herzegovina, amazes with its impressive cultural heritage and aesthetic appeal. Its history goes back to the Middle Ages, and throughout the centuries it has witnessed various historical events and changes.


It was mentioned for the first time on February 19, 1444, in the charter of King Alfonso V of Aragon and Naples, and it was also in the possession of Duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, until 1469, when it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and annexed to the Sandžak of Herzegovina. Later, in 1878, the city was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian army.



The fortress consists of a series of imposing buildings, towers, and ramparts that bear witness to the rich history of the region. It extends across 20,503 m2.

The preserved parts of the city walls, together with the intact entrance gates, provide an authentic insight into the way of life in the Middle Ages. Walking along the narrow cobblestones, you can feel the spirit of the past and immerse yourself in the rich history of this area.


Vidoški, Stolac old town, Photo: Ma▀▄Ga


However, the Stolac old town is not only rich in history. Its natural beauty adds a special dimension, and it will win you over with a panoramic of the city of Stolac, the fertile Vidovo Polje, and the hilly mountains of Herzegovina.

If you are passing through Stolac, be sure to visit this national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.






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