Visit deer farms in the Adria region! A trip made for little ones!

If you or your kids love spending time in nature and enjoy being surrounded by all kinds of animals, then this article will be a perfect guide for this.  Not so long time ago, we talked about an Alpaca ranch in which, in addition to Slovenia we listed the rest of them present in the Adria region.  However, alpacas aren’t the only ones joyfully running around farms, but deers too!

Let’s see where in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro you can take your little ones to deer farms!



Deer farms in SLOVENIA

Jelenov grEBEN

Very near the border with Croatia, in a little settlement called Olimje in Slovenia, you will find a deer farm Jelenov Greben. Just 2 minutes from the Olimje monastery, fallow deers and mouflons run around freely across the 8-hectare property. Besides joyful deer running around, this farm also has its restaurant and accommodation, perfect for anyone who would love to enjoy it for a little longer.

The farm has a long history, however, the story started when the owner, Borut Ježovnik inherited the farm from his grandfather, and in 1989, brought his first deer to the farm.


Jelenov greben, Olimje, Photo: Andrej Safaric, Dreamstime


Arbajter Tourist Farm

At about 50 kilometers from Maribor and 40 kilometers from Celje,  in a beautiful mountain area of Zreče Pohorje, very close to Skii center Rogla you will come across Arbajter Tourists Farm. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet area in the heart of Pohorje, make sure you visit this adorable farm where deer and mouflons walk freely across the fenced estate, ready to pose for your camera. The farm besides these loving animals has a restaurant and accommodation. Their website is currently not functioning, so to find the exact location check the link here.


Farm Lamperček

Just 10 kilometers from the city of Velenje, you will come across another deer farm called Farm Lamperček. This farm is currently the biggest in Slovenia, spreading across a 13-hectare area, and has more than 130 deer, fallow deer, and mouflons. Tomaž Drev the owner of this beautiful estate, besides the deer tours, offers a glamping experience, tasting delicious home meals, and a small museum.


Deer farms in Croatia

Ranch Dolina Jelena

Just a few kilometers away from the most famous national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes, within Plitvice Valley, a deer ranch Dolina Jelena is located. Spreading across a 15-hectare area in Drežnik Grad, this ranch has more than 100 roe deers, hinds, and fallow deers.

If you wish to enjoy this 1.5-hour-long tour and try on delicious homemade meals you must make reservations first. The entrance ticket is 15 euros for adults, 10 euros for children from 8 to 15 years old, and free for children up to 7 years old. Make sure you carry cash.




OPG Perhoč – Deer and Mouflon farm

In the municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri, just 3 kilometers away from the famous Sveti Martin Spa, the Perhoč family started a Deer and Mouflon farm. On a 10-hectare area, you will be able to see and enjoy spending time around wild boars, red deer, fallow deer, and mouflons.

To visit the adorable farm you will also have to call them prior. The farm is open to visitors over the weekend.

Their website is currently not working, so you will find their contact information here.



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Just 4 kilometers from Fužine, in a small village Lič an educational center and an excursion site Forest Fairy Tale is located. A park is a perfect place for kids and a real fairy tale adventure. Besides the wooden characters from favorite tales, this place is home to many wild animals like roe deer, deer, and wild boar. The kids will also be able to enjoy a variety of swings, slides, and trampolines, and for you, there are assured enough of places for barbeque and picnic.

The park is open over the weekend only.



Deer farms in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ranč Pod Dinarom

If you find yourself wandering around Livno or going on a Safari adventure with wild horses, you must head just 20 kilometers north towards Odžak, and you will find Ranč Pod Dinarom. The ranch is hosting a large number of fallow deer and awaiting you with delicious meal offers.

To visit this ranch you will have to book in advance, and you can find all the information on their Instagram profile here



PPG JELEN Živinice
In the small town of Živnice, on 1000 m2, just 10 kilometers from Tuzla,  you will find yourself in the park PPG Jelen Živnice.  Besides enjoying your time in nature and spending time with fallow deer, here you can also set up a picnic while at the wooden tables and benches, and your little ones will also be able to play on a playground.
In addition to fallow deer, this family park also has dozens of squirrels, wild rabbits, wild ducks, and many other animals.



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Fallow deer Farm Ozren

Located in the village of Konopljišta, on top of Ozren, and near the village of Boljanić, you will find a very small but equally adorable Deer farm Ozren. The farm has around 40 fallow deer and is a pure attraction in this region. In addition to deer, the farm also has a small bear shelter.

The exact location of the farm you will be able to find here.




Deer farms in Montenegro

Rural household “ImanjE Jelen”

Nearby Nikšić, in the village of Velimlje, you will be able to find currently only deer farm in Montenegro. The Rural household Imanje Jelen started its story with just a few fallow deers in 2014, and today it has become a real local and tourist attraction. The owner Ljubomir Radojević turned a hobby into a real experience by adding a restaurant where you can try on local food and accommodation.

You can find the exact location here.



Sadly, currently, we don’t have any information regarding deer farms in Albania. Once we have more information, we will gladly update this article.



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