Vrnjačka banja: How did a flatbread with cream go well with homemade rakija?

Last weekend, my journey brought me to Vrnjačka Banja, which was by chance on the occasion of an education conducted in partnership with the Center for Women’s Studies and the Alternative Center for Girls.

In addition to the opportunity to meet the great participants, learn something more, and be motivated for further work, I used my free time to get to know this wonderful area, like, a true tourist, I first explored all the surrounding places, but also a good place to eat at.



Only motivation!, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Vrnjačka Banja is a wonderful place in Serbia known for its thermal springs, but also for its natural beauty, which is truly phenomenal! With its numerous spa and wellness facilities, it actually offers a relaxing escape from everyday life.

It is also known for its festivals and cultural events that attract tourists from all over the world. You must definitely go to Lovefest at the first opportunity because the party atmosphere is unreal. Whether you are looking for relaxation in thermal springs or an adventure in exploring the surrounding nature, Vrnjačka Banja has something for everyone – but really.

On this occasion, we visited the Žiča monastery – which brings a special peace, but by no means skips an attraction such as the Studenica monastery.


Žiča Monastery, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


I must mention that during my stay in Banja, I also stayed at Pegaz Holiday Resort – oh my, how good it is! The food was according to the principle of the buffet table, where the only drawback was a poor choice of food for vegans and vegetarians. But that is why I didn’t hold back when trying on different cakes – not even for a second!

The hotel is spacious, the staff is extremely friendly, and I give the cleaning ladies a ten for the cleanliness and hygiene of the rooms! The hotel has a Wellness & Spa, intended for complete recovery and relaxation. And, of course, I tried all six different saunas, an indoor pool, as well as, special Slowellness packages.

There is an unwritten rule from my childhood: you get out of the water when the fingertips on your hands are pruney or when your older brother starts torturing you – since my brother was not there this time, I decided on pruney fingers!


Pegaz Holiday Resort, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Ćevapi, gibanica, karađorđe schnitzel, boiled lamb, kačamak, a set of flatbread or sarma – you have to try all of these, if you find yourself in these areas, even I, who don’t eat meat, can’t describe to you how happy it makes me watch people have greasy fingers as they enjoy every bite of it.

Maybe I didn’t eat authentic Serbian gastronomic delicacies – but I enjoyed the experience of wine and rakija, which is mostly made here from plums and quince.


Vrnjačka Banja, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


In addition to the Vrnjačka Banja and the Žiča monastery, I also visited Kraljevo, which is rich in tradition and historical sights. Thus, in the tour and walk, we found Serbian Soldier Square, Lord Vasa’s Inn, Adžić house, Memorial Park Kraljevo, as well as Kraljevo Theater.

The surroundings of Kraljevo are just as inspiring and full of attractions as the city itself, while in the immediate vicinity of the city, there is the Maglić fortress, the healing Mataruška Banja, as well as several important, already-mentioned monasteries.


Monument to the Serbian soldier in Kraljevo, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


That’s why if the road leads here, don’t forget this important rule: choose a traditional restaurant, a good cafe, and comfortable sneakers for walking!


Vrnjačka Banja, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun





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