We explored Istria! Tour around Momjan, Oprtalj and Grožnjan

Although Istria doesn’t mean much if you don’t get a good temperature in the spring, this time I managed to bring some sun for the weekend. have to admit that this trip to the sea was inspired by the Zagreb Underground festival, which I visited last weekend in the tunnel Grič.

Why? I tried hectoliters of amazing wine from different parts of Croatia, where it was inevitable to rush to the coast on the first weekend and continue that sequence.



Zagreb Underground, Photo: Matej Marjanović, Adria.fun & Underground Adria


Let me tell you what I visited this time and what I recommend! 

In addition to the regular route Novigrad – Umag – Poreč, I went one day to Motovun, as well as the Tomaz winery. 

Of course, if someone asks you what I drank the answer is always: yellow muscat.


Novigrad, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Its majesty “Dolce Anima” is a superb semi-sweet wine, with golden hues that smell reminiscent of flowers, lemon peel, and other citrus fruits. This muscat is best served with various desserts such as chocolate cake, cheesecake, or apple pie. Since I was fasting, I was glued to the glass.

What was interesting about the Tomaz winery is that it has a fantastic view of the hilly part of Istria, and on the other side, it faces Motovun directly.

As for parking, you don’t have to worry because it’s just a second away from the winery. I must mention that you should reserve a table in advance because it is very popular (and justifiably so).


Vinarija Tomaz, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


After some good wine, I headed to Momjan, more precisely to the Rino tavern, which the Prelac wine family owns.

In my opinion, it is one of the rarest places that justify the image of Istrian rustic taverns. 

Admittedly, I also had interesting company, so this was a real 2 in 1 pleasure.


Konoba Rino, Momjan, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Homemade walnut brandy on the house, fast and quality service, as well as very friendly waiters.  It definitely has my recommendation. 

The good thing about inner Istria is that you can get from one location to another in about 15 minutes, and it’s a special treat in the off-season when there aren’t that many tourists.


Momjan, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Another discovery of this trip is the place Oprtalj, 378 meters above the sea. I know, very interesting name, but my people, it’s such a sweet, small place on a hill, with a great view, typical old Istrian buildings and it’s full of greenery.

Oprtalj or Portole, as the locals call it after its Italian name, is a town of mystical beauty, like its neighbors Motovun and Grožnjan. What would the Fantomi song say Barbara maybe we were too close to heaven”.

It’s worth every second and fuel to get there! The only thing is that I don’t guarantee parking because we barely found one.



Interestingly, these days I have come across many people biking and hiking. It is especially inspiring for travelers who like to discover the layers of old towns independently and without much noise.

Here are also a few events that should not be missed in Oprtalj.

And as far as good food is concerned, Oprtalj also has a cute tavern where you can take a break or eat something local.


Oprtalj, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


And now a not-so-nice experience in Grožnjan, which is located about 20 minutes from Oprtalj, or maybe a little less if the road is empty and you drive a few kilometers faster (if we ask my mother, it’s fine if we get there in half an hour as well haha).


The interior of Grožnjan, which is very specific and enchanting, but has a real artifice in itself, is spoiled by the cafe that is right at the entrance between the walls. Apart from the fact that the service and offer were bad, the price for two coffees (espresso) of 6.5 euros is not to be praised. I guess tourism is booming, so I won’t spoil it.


Grožnjan, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


And while I’m getting ready to return to rainy ZagrebI’m thinking about my exit from the comfort zone that led me to try a pizza with salmon, oregano, and tomato, without cheese due to the already mentioned fast. That pizza combined with slightly saltier dough: Yum! You have to try it!

Oh, I almost forgot the smoked tuna, which is cut like prosciutto, only much, much finer, I have to admit.

Of course, like every time, I’ve already made a list for the next visit because it’s impossible to visit everything at once, and until I bring you the next recommendation, stick to the one you already know: try local yellow muscat!



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