We stopped by Medulin for lunch! Here’s what Piazza Grande Pub has to offer!

As the first official Underground festival ended, it was time to get back on the road in search of beautiful locations and excellent restaurants. On that occasion, the whole team went to Istria in search of something new, and you could read its first chapter in Jelena’s travelogue, which took you to Momjan, Oprtalj, and Grožnjan. While she enjoyed the flavors of Yellow Muscat, the other part of the team went to Rijeka, Pula, and Medulin, where we stopped for lunch.


If you’ve ever been to Turkey and passed by various restaurants, you could certainly notice that there is always a man or two standing in front of them who in every possible way attracts you to stop at theirs. This practice has become attractive on the Croatian coast as well, so when we arrived at the marina, only 5 minutes from the parking lot, a man stopped us on the very passage of the promenade where restaurants stretch.


Although the plan was not to sit in the first seat right away, but to look at all the options, our minds were clouded by hunger, so we said to ourselves“let’s give it a try.”


Medulin, Photo: Adria Fun


Piazza Grande Pub, at the very beginning of the port of Medulin, is a restaurant with a modern look that extends over two floors and has a long outdoor terrace overlooking the sea. As the sun shone on us that day when we arrived in the city, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the smell of the sea like true continentals.


Piazza Grande Pub, Medulin, Photo: Adria Fun


The closed part of the restaurant inside the building is also very nicely and modernly decorated, and the cleanliness is in perfect condition. The restaurant also has a nice view of the harbor and the lower outdoor terrace of the restaurant.



As soon as we sat down, the waiter immediately rushed to us and delivered a mezze (a cold appetizer as a welcome on the house). We were served olive oil, one infused with chili and the other with garlic, along with freshly warm bread. Yum.. a real surprise that came in handy while we were waiting for our lunch.


Piazza Grande Pub, Medulin, Photo: Adria Fun


There were many things on the menu, whatever your heart desires, from various kinds of pasta, meat meals, burgers, and pizza to desserts. Of course, as always, we do our best to try different categories, so we ordered one steak in green pepper with potatoes, one risotto with steak and pistachio, and one pizza with tuna.



I learned from the rest of the team that both the steak and the risotto were great and that the portion served was quite enough. The pizza with tuna was also satisfying, but as the mezza messed up my plans, the whole pizza was a bit too big for me, so it went with me back home. In the end, it came in handy in a couple of hours, even when it was cold.


Pizza s tunom, Photo: Adria Fun


Of course, as in every article, in addition to talking about the offer, we also honestly talk about the prices to make your choice easier. Along with the food, we ordered two Vijemovka rakija, each of which cost 4 euros, beer was 5 euros, Coca-cola 3.5 euros, and large sparkling water (0.7l) for 4 euros. Green pepper steak came to 29 euros per portion, risotto with steak and pistachios 28 euros, and tuna pizza 11, and the total bill for three people was 88.50 euros.

Although we cannot complain about the service or the great restaurant offers, we still think that the price is higher than expected for the off-season.

If the price is not crucial for you, we can say that Adria.fun has approved it.






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