We visited the Forest Hotel Videc, the heart of the Pohorje Village Wellbeing resort on the largest Slovenian ski resort

After Christmas euphoria and high-calorie food during the holidays, there is little to wake me up from the long winter sleep for the next trip. I recently moved to Zagreb and the option to spend the weekend outside the city was more than desirable, considering the locations, I decided that it would be Slovenia, more precisely Maribor, which is relatively close to me.

I was lucky and managed to book accommodation in the Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort! I can’t wait to tell you what led me there and how much I was delighted with both the hotel and the nature.



Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Namely, 23 kilometers from Maribor, there is a complex of hotels in the Maribor Pohorje, for which you do not know which one is better than which, and booking accommodation is even more difficult because the rush for all their hotels is great throughout the year. The resort is easy to reach by car, taxi, or cable car, and free parking is available in front of the facility.

Although Forest Hotel Videc is a smaller hotel within the Pohorje village Wellbeing Resort, intended mainly for families, it has spacious, bright, and large rooms with beautiful terraces that have a view of the forest, nature, and adorable mountain houses.


Forest Hotel Videc – Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


In just a few minutes you can find yourself in the middle of a ski slope, walk or ride a bike through forest, or end up in the hotel’s indoor pool and fantastic sauna.

Since I only came for the weekend, I decided that I would try all the interesting things that this resort has to offer. But of course, I must mention that peace and tranquility, the cleanliness of the hotel, and the kindness of the staff are guaranteed! So let’s start from the beginning!


Pohorje, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


If you come for skiing, there is a ski school within the Forest Hotel Videc and Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, one-hour sessions can be found for 40 euros for children and 45 euros for adults. If you bring the children with you, believe me, there will be no shortage of fun. You have the opportunity to enjoy the hotel while watching movies and having fun with animators, as well as swimming in the indoor pools.


Pohorje, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


And while the youngest are enjoying themselves by the pool, the spa center offers a variety of massages, body and face treatments, as well as Turkish and Finnish saunas for you. Regarding the sauna, it is important to note that it is closed and that you must be completely naked if you want to stay on its premises. As part of the sauna, you even have a small buffet table with fruit, nuts, and refreshments.

Of course, I had to go to my favorite Honey in milk massage (exfoliation, mask, massage), and it cost 75 euros for 75 minutes.


Forest Hotel Videc – Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Long enough for me to enjoy hedonism and professional masseurs, and short enough for me to wonder what interesting things I could drink after it?

Of course, the decision fell on mulled gin. Interestingly, the offer of the local bar within the hotel includes mulled wine, winter Aperol, Hugo, and much more.


Forest Hotel Videc bar, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Speaking of the local bar, they also have very nice food in the restaurant itself. As for the daily meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they are designed on a buffet basis, so I don’t know what I would recommend you try first. Hmm…maybe a pie with cherries or blueberries!

Breakfast inside the Forest Hotel Videc is full of fruit, jams, spreads, honey, eggs cooked in various ways, vegetables, patties, hot dogs, bacon, cured meats and cheese products, various pastries, and the strongest of all, over 20 types of tea that you can have free and drink with breakfast and coffee to your heart’s content.


I must not leave out the offer of food for dinner such as vegetable soups, beef soups, roast meat, vegetables, risotto, strukli in mushroom sauce, pesticida, various types of salads, desserts, pies, pastries, cheeses and I will stop here because I’m getting hungry as I list the offer.



Jokes aside, Forest Hotel Videc is an ideal option as a weekend escape, as an option for skiing, and for enjoying with family or a loved one.

And as Women’s Day is approaching, I strongly recommend that you book your accommodation in time. They are waiting for you at the address Hačko Pohorje 133, and if you are interested in more information, contact the Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort staff – you won’t regret it, trust me!​





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