Weekend outing idea: Vrelo Bosne

Bosnia and Herzegovina is definitely one of those countries abundant in captivating destinations perfect for weekend getaways, appealing to tourists and locals.  Not to be restricted to weekends alone; you might simply crave a quick escape from urban life to an exciting place. The options are limitless.


For those and many other reasons, if you find yourself near Sarajevo, this or any other weekend of the year, it would be crazy not to stop by Vrelo Bosne (Spring of the Bosna River). 



Vrelo Bosne, Photo: Muamero, Dreamstime


Vrelo Bosne besides being the spring of the river Bosna, is also a public park. A park located in Ilidža town and a municipality, only 14 kilometers away from Sarajevo and its biggest attraction Bascarsija. I am sure it will be worth the 20-minute ride there once you find yourself surrounded by beautiful swans and ducks, lush greenery, a series of small cascades, ponds, and canals.


Ducks at Vrelo Bosne, Photo: BiHVolim, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia


This nature monument attracted many in the past as well. From the Romans and Ottomans to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, leaving a mark that makes this park even more desirable for today’s visitors. Besides those marks, the biggest attraction of this park is a horse carriage ride across Great Alley ( bos. Velika Aleja), a tree line of over 700 sycamore trees and dozens of wild chestnuts.


Great Alley, Photo: Marcin Szala, CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia


To make things even better, while you are enjoying your picturesque walk in the most romantic setting, you can also stop by the restaurant Vrelo Bosne where you can try all kinds of traditional meals and, of course, their specialty.. brown trout.


Oh yes, I almost forgot, the price to enter the park for adults is 1.09 euros (2 KM), and 0.50 euros for pupils, retirees, and the disabled.



Peace, love and music! ☮️

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