What is the length of the Adriatic coast in individual countries?

If we were to look honestly, it would turn out that the Adriatic Sea is actually one big gulf of the Mediterranean Sea. The length of it is still impressive, 783 km across.

The west coast is entirely Italian, and in the east, the Adriatic Sea touches Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania.



Adriatic Sea, Photo: Elia Clerici, Pixabay


Do you know exactly how long the coast of the Adriatic Sea is for individual countries? Here’s the data!

  • Croatia has by far the most: 1,777.3 kilometers of coastline, 4,058 km of island coastline, which is a total of 5,835.3 kilometers,
  • Italy  inherits 1249 kilometers of coastline, and 23 km of island coastline, which is a total of 1272 kilometers,
  • The third is Albania with 396 kilometers of coast and 10 km of island coast, so that’s a total of 406 km.
  • Montenegro has 249 km of coastline, 11 km of island coasts, and a total of 260 km.
  • Slovenia has 46.6 km of coastline and 0.0 km of island coastline,
  • And finally, Bosnia and Herzegovina has only 21.2 kilometers of coastline and the same number of kilometers of island coastline as Slovenia.


Adriatic Sea, Photo: Eelffica, Pixabay



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