What makes Hutovo Blato so special and important for nature conservation?

Hutovo Blato, a nature park located in Herzegovina, represents a true pearl of nature with rich biological diversity and a spectacular ecosystem. This natural gem covers an area of about 7,800 hectares and represents one of the most important wetlands in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What makes Hutovo Blato so special and important for nature conservation?



Hutovo Blato, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Swamp paradise

Hutovo Blato is located near the town of Čapljina and is part of the Neretva basin. The area consists of river channels, marshes, ponds, lakes, and tall sedges, making it an extraordinarily rich ecosystem. This area, thanks to its unique combination of freshwater and saltwater, creates ideal conditions for diverse species of birds and other animal species.


Svitava lake, Hutovo blato, Photo: Aiva, CC BY 2.0 DEED


A paradise for birds and ornithologists

Hutovo Blato is primarily known for its extraordinary importance for birds. In this area, you can find more than 240 different species of birds, including herons, swans, eagles, pelicans, and many others. This makes it a perfect destination for ornithologists and bird lovers.

Every year, thousands of birds migrate to Hutovo Blato, creating a unique scene. Especially in winter, when large groups of birds gather, this area becomes a real wonder of nature. The numerous birds that nest in Hutovo Blato make it extremely important for the preservation of biological diversity.


Hutovo Blato, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED


The richness of the plant world

In addition to birds, Hutovo Blato also offers a wealth of flora. Various types of water plants, sedges, reeds, and water lilies make this nature park attractive and picturesque. Water surfaces are dominated by the white water lily, which further contributes to the aesthetic appearance of this area.


Hutovo Blato, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Sustainable tourism

Hutovo Blato Nature Park also offers an opportunity to explore this natural oasis. There are trails for walking and bird watching, numerous observatories, and boating or kayaking opportunities along the river channels. This area attracts lovers of nature and ecotourism, offering them the opportunity for an unforgettable experience in a natural environment.


Hutovo Blato, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED


If you decide to explore this nature park, you will surely be charmed by the natural beauty and the deep sense of peace and tranquility that this area offers. Hutovo Blato is a true gem of Herzegovina that deserves a special place on every travel list.




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