You have to visit! Mogorjelo is a unique monument from the Late Antiquity!

Not far from the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia, in the town of Čapljina, which is bounded on one side by Trebižat and on the other by one and only Neretva, there is a unique monument.

It is about the late antique villa Mogorjelo, a complex built in the middle of the 1st century AD for private purposes.



Mogorjelo, Photo: mathes, Depositphotos


Built by an unknown Roman as an agricultural estate, Mogorjelo is located on a hill with an excellent view overlooking the Neretva.

According to research, it is believed that it was expanded and also affected by fire several times. This is precisely why many believe that it got the name Mogorjelomnogo gorjerlo (burned many times) because of those fires.

Some say that it got its name from the word magulellus (house), and some from the abbreviation of the Greek name Hermagoras (Mogor). But who will know…


Mogorjelo, Photo: mathes, Depositphotos


After all those fires, sometime in the 3rd century, Mogorjelo got a new shape, one similar to Diocletian’s palace, and it ceased to be private property. It received a new function, that of supplying the city of Narona, the ruins of which are located in the village of Vid near Metković.

Decorated with mosaics and fake marble, its dimensions were 102×86 meters, and within its walls, it had a two-story palace, various dormitories, and accommodation for workers, towers at the corners, two entrances, corridors, an oil mill, a mill, a bakery, a brick factory and ceramics workshop.



Unfortunately, after only a few centuries, it met its end with the invasion of the Visigoths in the 5th century, when it was destroyed.

What exactly happened to it is not clear, but the researchers found material of later origin, two churches were built inside the walls, which are believed to have been built just before the invasion, and not far from Mogorjelo, stećci (tombstones) dating from the 5th century and grave sites from the 19th century.


Mogorjelo, Photo: marinv, Depositphotos


Today, Mogorjelo is a very interesting national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which you really must visit if you get the chance.






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