You haven’t fully experienced Albania if you haven’t visited the new market in Tirana

If you really want to get to know Albaniathen you definitely have to visit its markets. One of them, the one in the capital Tirana called Pazari i Ri (New Market), has recently been renovated and looks great!


Tirana New Market (Pazari i Ri), Photo: A1804, Depositphotos


It was built in the old center of Tirana, in the place where there used to be an old market. Historical data show that the old market was demolished in the thirties of the last century and then a new one was built, which continued to progress and develop in the following years.



Old market in Tirana around 1923, Photo: Public domain


Due to the constant increase in trading activity, this market was also renovated a few years ago and now it really looks great. Many who visited it said that it is extremely clean and modern, while at the same time, it is located in an environment that respects tradition and brings added value to the community.

At the same time, Pazari i Ri allows tourists to get to know the products of around 300 households from the Tirana area, which offer their products to all interested parties.



Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, spices, and souvenirs are only part of the New Market offer. The atmosphere around it can best be defined as pleasantly chaotic, a mixture of old and new that awakens the spirit of the city.

You will find a lot of interesting things around the market, browsing the numerous boutiques of antiques, handicrafts, or restaurants and bars



But that’s not all you can find here. Pazari i Ri is a place full of things that you need to discover for yourself!

One warning though, plan your day accordingly because you could spend a lot of time here. 🙂






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