Zagorje’s stories: Get to know the most important people from Zagorje through advanced technologies

In the heart of Zagorje, in the areas of Tuhelji.e. Tuheljske TopliceKlanjec, and Veliko TrgovišćeTB Biser Zagorja revived the past through an interesting multimedia project called Zagorje’s stories.

When new technologies, education, and tourist attractiveness come together, then here you have the opportunity to experience innovatively the experience of discovering the life and works of three important figures associated with the area: Antun Mihanović, Antun Augustinčić, and Dr. Franjo Tuđman.



Zagorje’s stories map with locations, Photo: TB Biser Zagorja


Thanks to the QR codes placed on the interpretation boards at three locations, visitors have access to rich multimedia content that explores the lives and heritage of these exceptional people from Zagorje.


Zagorje’s stories, Photo: TB Biser Zagorja


Animated biographies, lesser-known anecdotes from their lives, and augmented reality (AR) on interpretation boards are just some of the content that will fascinate and educate you.

The special feature of this project is that you can access AR content from a web browser, without installing a special application on your mobile phone. See how it works…



It’s fun to listen to the Zagorje AR song, performed by the famous Zagorje actor and singer Adalbert Turner Juci, the only thing missing is that it can be heard in English so that foreigners can understand it…



To make it easier to find your way around Zagorje’s stories, here are the exact geolocations for all three boards with QR codes:


Antun Mihanović, Tuheljske Toplice, Lj. Gaja 4 – Mihanović Castle Park –


Dr. Franjo Tuđman, Veliko Trgovišće, Ul.S.Radića 6 – parking lot of the Dr. F. Tuđman Memorial School –


Antun Augustinčić, Klanjec Trg A. Mihanovića 10 – parking lot of Gallery A. Augustinčića, –





I plan to live in the moment :)

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