One of the most important monuments in all of Herzegovina! Arslanagić Bridge connects history and future

Bridges are not just physical structures that connect riverbanks or deep valleys; they are also symbols of community, history, and future. One such extraordinary symbol is located in Trebinje, and it is the historic Arslanagić Bridge.


Arslanagic bridge, Trebinje, Photo: Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0


Arslanagić Bridge is the oldest bridge in Trebinje and one of the most important historical monuments in Herzegovina. It was built in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire, and its imposing architecture and unique design make it a true gem of Herzegovina’s heritage.


When the Turks were pushed out of Herceg Novi in 1687, many Turkish families moved from this city to Trebinje. Among them was Arslan-aga. He received properties east of Trebinje and the right to collect tolls over the Trebišnjica. After him, since then, the bridge has been called the Arslanagić Bridge.



Its specific characteristic is the nine arches, of which the two main arches are significantly larger than the others. The bridge is 92 meters long and about 3.60 meters wide, also known as Perović bridge. It was given that name in 1993 during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the then-mayor of Trebinje, but the people still call it by its original name.

At the request of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, the bridge was dismantled and moved downstream in 1966 when the reservoir was emptied. Today’s location of the Arslanagić bridge is between the settlement of Gradina (on the right bank of the river) and the settlement of Police (on the left bank).

Because of this relocation, although it is a very important part of history and culture, the Arslanagića bridge cannot be found under the protection of UNESCO. Still, it retains the status of a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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Arslanagić Bridge, Trebinje, Photo: Mujo Hasanovic, Unsplash


Arslanagić Bridge is not just history carved in stone. It is also an active thoroughfare that helps citizens cross the river daily and connects different parts of the city.

The bridge has become a focal point for the people of Trebinje and guests of the city, a symbol of connection and togetherness. Be sure to visit it!





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