Below the Kanin peaks, the Virje waterfall creates beautiful emerald pools

Ski resort Kanin-Bovec is the only ski resort in Slovenia above 2,000 meters above sea level, and below its peaks, at the foot of this great mountain, is the impressive waterfall Virje.

It is located only 3.5 km from Bovac, a town in the north-east of Slovenia, not far from the Italian border, in the Soča river valley next to the village of Plužna.



Virje waterfall, Photo: Depositphotos


Hidden in the forest, the Virje waterfall is the first cascading waterfall on the course of the Glijun stream, which is fed by the underground waters of the Kanin mountain range.

The waterfall is located at the end of a macadam path, and a (narrow) paved road leads to its starting point. This magical corner is the right location for relaxation lovers, lovers, and photographers.


Virje waterfall, Photo: Depositphotos


The Virje waterfall, after melting snow and spring rains, is up to 20 meters wide and 12 meters high with a tufted appearance. Beneath the falls, an enchanting pool of green hues emerges, surrounded by lush vegetation and moss-covered rocks.

Although the view of Virje waterfall tempts you to cool off in it, the water is ice cold, and swimming in the pool under the falls is not recommended.



The water that comes from the spring is extremely clean and creates several beautiful emerald pools that are a real pleasure to see.

Although not very popular, expect a moderate amount of tourists, especially during the summer season, when the power of the waterfall is weaker compared to the spring.






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