Hotel Bijele Vode is a real little paradise in the heart of Kozara

There are those places that hide a fantastic story and historical background, but I can never find the time to explore them. I’m waiting for the “right time,” but it doesn’t come… And then, quite suddenly, I pack my backpack for two days and head to Kozara to see what  Hotel Bijele Vode has to offer!


The hotel got its name from the lush sources of drinking water, Bijela voda, and the hotel itself, surrounded by a forest, will not leave anyone indifferent, including you if you decide to visit this mountain complex.




Do you know which place has the best uštipci with cream? Of course, Bijele Vode! The tradition of making homemade food dates back to 1970.


The friendly staff at the reception itself will reveal all the necessary information: check-in is at 2 p.m., while check-out is at 11 a.m., and all guests have access to a restaurant, wellness, and spa, as well as room delivery. Breakfast is served from 8 am to 11 am, and of course, payment is always at the end. In short, everything you need to know before you run to your room, put on your bathing suit, and jump into this wonderful pool.☺


Pool, Hotel Bijele Vode, Photo: Ana Timarac,


This unreal building under the canopy of trees only recently received the guise of a hotel with a wellness and spa center. The hotel has 28 rooms and 3 apartments, and all rooms and apartments are decorated to the last detail. Carefully selected furniture and a combination of colors will ensure that your soul first rests at Kozara, and only then your body, which, you will admit, is much more important nowadays. All rooms are equipped with a TV, mini bar, and internet, and the cleanliness of the rooms is moderate.



Well, now that we’ve left everything in the room, I think it’s time to visit the Wellness and Spa Center, as well as the pool, right? Let’s go!

At -1 there is a rich complex for enjoyment – a paradise for all your senses. Spending the whole day in an indoor or outdoor pool, sauna, or jacuzzi is definitely someone’s dream come true. Crystal clear water and a beautiful environment with a view of the forest will help you “recharge your batteries” for new work victories. There is also a bar in the wellness and spa center, and you can enjoy drinking your favorite drink by the pool.



Hotel Bijele Vode also has a restaurant of the same name with over 200 seats. It has two terraces, where you can enjoy a rich gastronomic offer or a breakfast buffet with a view of the pool and the forest. This restaurant would also be a perfect location for celebrations such as weddings and birthdays.


Breakfast, Hotel Bijele Vode, Photo: Ana Timarac,


Of course, you must not forget that you are on Kozara – a mountain rich in history and perfectly arranged hiking trails. While walking, visit the museum, taste the adventure in the “Adventure Park” or simply enjoy the landscaped grassy area next to the monument.☺


Monument to the Revolution Mrakovica, Nacionalan park Kozara, Photo: Ana Timarac,


All in all, if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or perhaps a short vacation with friends or family, I recommend that you stop by Hotela Bijele Vode, especially if you intend to stay in Kozara for a day or two or more.


Enjoy, and I hope that you will share your experience with us in the comments when the journey takes you to Kozara and its oasis in the heart of the mountain. ☺




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