Only for those who want to rest their soul! The shepherd’s village on the Velika planina will simply stun you!

At the end of spring, on the Big Pasture Plateau (Velika planna) near Kamnik, cowbells ring to announce the arrival of shepherds. A fairy-tale plateau with one of the largest pastoral settlements in Europe beckons you to get to know the interesting life on the mountain and refresh yourself with all kinds of dairy and meat delicacies.


Shepherd on Velika planina, Photo: Mitja Kobal, Karata Film,


The Shepherd’s village on the mountain consists of about 140 huts and is recognizable by its typical architecture, which is a symbol of the Big Pasture Plateau. The roofs of the huts are covered with characteristic spruce shingles that reach very low.


It is especially lively in the mountains from June when shepherds fill their huts and stay with their cattle until September. They are happy to invite you to taste homemade dairy delicacies or a real shepherd’s breakfast – sour milk and rakia. Some huts are also intended for visitors, so you can spend the night here just like the shepherds.


Shepherd’s breakfast on Velika planina, Photo: Mitja Kobal, Karata Film,


What else is interesting? You can rest on the plateau near the Marija Snježna chapel and go down to the famous Vetrnica cave, which is reached by a narrow circular path. On the western edge of the plateau (Zeleni rob) there is a picturesque natural window of Luknja. The Dovja griča cave is located in Tiha Dolina is only 9 m deep, and is known for many stories. Also visit Preskar’s museum, where trnič – a special cheese known in the area of Big Pasture Plateau  – is kept.


Chapel of Mary of the Snows, Velika Planina, Photo: Mediaspeed, Nejc Fon,


Big Pasture Plateau offers numerous opportunities for walks and longer hikes that you can combine with a tour of the mountain’s natural and ethnological sights. Big Pasture Plateau is the fastest way to get to the cable car from Kamniška Bistrica, and then you continue by two-seater to the top, where a unique view awaits you.

Let’s go.




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