An island that is the reason for eternal arguments. Whose is Mrduja?

Located in the Split Gates (cro. Splitska vrata), west of Brač and east of Šolta, the islet of Mrduja is, according to legend, the eternal cause of quarrels between the inhabitants of these two islands.


Mrduja, Photo:


Although the islet is only 0.013 square kilometers in size, and only 400 meters away from Brač, there has been a legend since ancient times about an attempt to acquire ownership of this islet. The people of Brač and Šolta argued, over the years, to whom Mrduja belonged, so both tied her with a rope and pulled her to their side.



Split Gates, Sailboats, Photo


Based on that legend, a competition was held for the first time on August 9, 2008, under the name Mrduja Tug of War between the crew of Milna (Brač) and Stomorska (Šolta). Mrduja Tug of War takes place every last Saturday in July, and the famous Mrduja regatta, the oldest regatta in Croatia and one of the oldest in Europe takes place around the islet.


Old fort, Mrduja, Photo: Đonny, Public domain


On Mrduja there is a lighthouse, the ruins of an old fort, and plenty of vegetation. Sometimes it is also a stopover for sailors who happen to be nearby!




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