It was abandoned for almost four centuries, but it still stands proudly above Šentjur!

In my journey through parts of Slovenia that are less known to me, the road took me through Styria, from Laško to Šentjur. I deliberately chose this route of narrow country roads because I wanted to visit Rifnik Castle, a medieval fortress that has been abandoned for almost four centuries.


Rifnik castle, Photo: Adria fun


Looking at this mighty building from a distance, it seemed to me that this old man, built way back in 1281, is holding up well. Arriving at its foot, I saw that I was mistaken.


After all, it is about a dilapidated old man who proudly wanders on the hill of the same name, even though it is dominated by bushes and overgrown trees. There is even a sign warning that you enter at your own risk.


Rifnik castle, Photo: Adria fun


It often changed owners, so it makes no sense to list them all. Folk tradition says that in 1635, the castle was ravaged and destroyed by rebellious peasants, while other sources state that there were prisons in the Rifnik castle where rebellious heavies (servants) and other convicts were imprisoned awaiting their further fate.

Be that as it may, it has been abandoned since the middle of the 17th century and has been falling into disrepair ever since, although most of the walls are still at their original height. Eh, the construction used to be of high quality. 🙂


Rifnik castle, Photo: Adria fun


In the vicinity of the castle, there is also a beautiful and interesting archaeological site and a viewpoint from which you can see Šentjur and half of Styria.

Šentjur is a cute little town only ten kilometers from Celje and has about 5,000 inhabitants.


Šentjur, Photo: Adria fun


If you are passing through the area, I advise you to climb Rifnik and look at the castle from a safe distance, send us a cute photo and describe how it impressed you. 🙂







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